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The Circle Forward system of collaborative governance provides networks and organizations the tools and framework to leverage change in our systems at the deepest level.

The Circle Forward System

The Circle Forward system is designed to allow networks and organizations to integrate diversity the way healthy ecosystems self-organize in nature.

Continuous Learning

With Circle Forward, a culture of continuous learning develops. Groups to become powerful, resilient and prosperous. While there are no “10 easy steps” to becoming effective, resilient, and collaborative, networks and organizations can begin to experience powerful results.

Making Decisions Together

With Circle Forward at the core, resilience, adaptation, interconnection, and creativity define the culture. Decision-making is strong, inclusive, and wise, tapping the value and uniqueness of everyone’s contribution. Solutions emerge with often astonishing ease and clarity.

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What is governance and why does it matter? Watch here to learn more.

Rate Your Own Governance System

Governance can sometimes be invisible, but it’s always the driver of how inclusive and collaborative a network or organization is. In our Starter Kit, we’ve included an informal assessment designed to start a conversation about where your group would like to go from here.

Best Ideas of 2016

Circle Forward was named Best Idea of 2016 by the Mountain Xpress. Read their article... Beyond stalemate: New decision-making models foster better solutions, by Virginia Daffron.

Food System Report

Circle Forward made the short list of important resources for Food System leaders across the country (see page 6 of the report), because the adaptive governance framework works well in the context of a dynamic, ever-changing, and diverse food network.

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Rate Your Current Governance System video + toolkit


Rounds: A simple technique for more engaging meetings


The Circle Forward User’s Guide


Assumptions & Values – Principles info graphic



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