10 Things Circles Need to be Successful

Circle Forward works because it is grounded in systems theory, and systems that integrate diversity are more resilient. The basic structure of the Circle Forward governance framework is: Circles of people who share a common purpose. We have found that circles need at...

A New Vista for Circle Forward!

Tracy, John and I have reached a summit of sorts in our journey together. And the view is pretty exciting! After years of discovery, development and experimentation, we are launching our new CircleForward.us website and on-line resources!

The Path Forward is Under Our Feet

The Path Forward is Under Our Feet

Perhaps you are among those who are already leading, supporting, or participating in cross sector, multi-stakeholder networks, where people are seeking common ground, and government is just one voice among many stakeholders at the table. You might not have considered until now that your network may be a more authentic kind of democracy than our representative government; by ensuring a plurality of voices, your network may be the best place for policy-making to happen on your issue; and that this type of cross-sector arena is the next evolution of democracy.

Consent is a Third Option

Why not majority rule? Why not consensus? People often think there are only two choices for how we make governance decisions: majority voting or consensus. Most people don’t realize that circles of decision-makers (“circles”) have a third option – decision-making by...