The Circle Forward System of Collaborative Governance

The key to our success in the 21st century lies in optimizing the activities, relationships, and interactions among all the parts of the system.

There is a growing recognition of interdependence — that no single entity, no matter how large or powerful, can create the healthy patterns that we want across our systems (such as local food systems, health care systems, criminal justice systems, ecological/environmental systems, community and cultural systems, etc). This means working in collaborative networks of individuals and organizations, within and across institutions and sectors.

How it works

The modules below give your circle the practices and tools to expand and deepen collaborative governance in your organization/network. Over time, we will be expanding offerings here, to address all the dimensions of the Circle Forward Principles.

Follow-on Learning Modules

Clarifying Your Purpose

You’ll receive tools and coaching to help you recognize and produce statements of your Vision, Mission, and Aims, to help you reach your chosen audiences and deliver exceptional value.

Designing an Adaptive Organizational Structure

Complex organizations, businesses, and networks need structures that empower leadership and innovation at every level. By designing a structure with interconnected, multi-directional communication flow and influence, you create a responsive system that is better able to handle challenges effectively.

This package provides a program of tools and coaching to:

  • Create transparency across organizational systems. (Note: transparency does not mean that all information is available to all people all the time. Rather, transparency means that there are ways for a circle to access information it must have to make its decisions.)
  • Designate domains of authority and accountability for more distributed leadership.
  • Design governance documents like by-laws, charters, policies, and formal agreements.
  • Help cross-sector networks move forward their vision of large-scale systems change.

How much does it cost?

Because we train circles of decision-makers and not individuals, the cost will depend somewhat on the size of your circle. As a social enterprise, we want to make this training available to everyone who needs it, so we will also consider your overall organizational budget and capacity to pay. Please contact us to set up a time to talk about your unique context and what you hope to achieve.

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