Discover the power of collaborative governance

1. Rate Your Current Governance System - video + toolkit

What is governance and why does it matter?  This video reveals the qualities of good governance and the toolkit provides an informal assessment designed to start a conversation about how well your system of governance is working.

2. Rounds: A Simple Technique for More Engaging Meetings - toolkit

Decision-making is the heart of governance, and we often make decisions together in meetings.  We have heard from many people how this simple technique can instantly shift a meeting to become more collaborative and engaging. This toolkit provides easy guidance on

  • The benefits of using rounds
  • How and when rounds work best
  • Several types of rounds you can introduce, even if you’re not leading the meeting
3. The Circle Forward User's Guide Version 2.0 - guidebook

This Guide offers a definition of the Circle Forward governance system.  It is licensed by Circle Forward, LLC under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license CC-BY-SA 4.0, except in the passages and pictures where attribution is otherwise noted. This allows organizations using Circle Forward to cite this guide in their bylaws, collaborative charters, or constitutions.

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